4 Best Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are becoming increasingly popular these days, and for good reason.  The concept of combining the benefits of two materials into one awesome mattress is certainly intriguing.  I’ve slept on more than a few of them, so I thought I’d give some of my top picks and list out the different options that people have available.

Top Picks For Best Hybrid Mattress

Memory Foam/Springs: Sapira

Latex/Memory Foam: Ghostbed

Natural Latex/Springs: Avocado

Specialty/Memory Foam: Leesa

Top Picks Compared


The Sapira is a luxury mattress that combines two types of foam with springs.  The top layer of foam is a high-density, latex-like foam that doesn’t retain heat.  Underneath is a layer of 4 lb. density memory foam, which provides pressure relief and body contouring.  Beneath the foam layers is a heavy duty pocket coil system for durable support.

The total product aims to provide the pressure relief of memory foam, response and cooling of performance foam, and support of pocket coils.

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Ghostbed aims to combine the benefits of latex and memory foam in one mattress.  It puts a latex layer on top to make sure the mattress is breathable and cool.  The latex gives the mattress bounce and response so you don’t have the feeling of getting stuck.  The memory foam provides contouring and pressure relief.  When you combine everything, you get a nice, pressure-relieving mattress where you don’t sink in too much and you are able to move around the bed easily.

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Avocado is one of the very few mattresses that I’ve seen that combines natural latex with springs.  The spring unit used in this mattress is top quality and will be durable and supportive for a long time.  The latex comfort layer gives the mattress a highly responsive sleeping surface that won’t sag over time.  Spring mattresses usually break down over time if they use low-density foams in the comfort layer / pillow top.  That is not the case here, as the latex used is a very durable material.  The end result is you get a responsive mattress that should last a long time.

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Leesa combines a foam called Avena with memory foam.  Avena is latex-like and it makes for a bouncier/responsive sleeping surface that is breathable as well (more on that HERE).  The memory foam provides nice pressure relief and body contouring.  The combined effect is a mattress that has nice pressure relief and comfort with the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress or getting hot.

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What Are The Main Types Of Hybrids?

There are many different types of hybrids.  I’ll list out a few of them so you can get a sense for what they are trying to do overall.

  • Latex/Memory Foam- We are starting to see this type of hybrid pop up all over the place.  It really got started when Casper first launched their product.  It aims to have the pressure relief of memory foam with the bounce and cooling of latex.
  • Memory Foam/Springs- Spring mattresses can be highly supportive, but some people think they don’t quite have enough contouring and pressure relief.  Adding memory foam on top is a good way to get around that complaint.
  • Latex/Springs- Another issue with spring mattresses is that they often break down because they use low-density polyfoam above the coils.  Latex is a more durable material, so combining springs and latex is a way to have a longer-lasting mattress.
  • Other- There are other types of hybrids as well.  Leesa, for example, uses a latex-like foam called Avena and combines it with memory foam.  As long as the mattress combines two materials that aren’t typically combined historically, it’s considered a hybrid.


The concept of a hybrid is pretty cool. I would recommend you decide what you want most out of a mattress, and then see which mattress types might be combined to provide you the best possible match.

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