Best Tempur-Pedic Alternatives

A lot of people take a look at Tempur-Pedic when they go mattress shopping.  I’ve received a lot of emails asking me to provide some alternatives to Tempur-Pedic that may be a little cheaper in price.  I’ll go through a few options that I think have a similar feel but are a little less expensive.


Amerisleep has a pretty similar approach to Tempur-Pedic in that it has a line of mattresses catered to different firmness levels.  They don’t believe in the concept of there being one best mattress for everyone.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • Has a line of mattresses with different firmness levels that are catered to specific types of sleepers
  • The memory foam used in every mattress is high-density
  • Each mattress compares well to the Breeze models in how well it addresses the issue of sleeping hot
  • The memory foam is a little faster-moving than the Tempur-Pedic models
  • Each model is roughly half the price of the Tempur-Pedic models


Layla is a fairly new company that sells online-only.  It has a few unique features that make it stand out amongst its competitors.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • The memory foam is copper-infused, which may have health benefits and helps keep the mattress cool
  • The mattress is flippable, meaning it has two firmness levels in one, maximizing the chances you’ll get the right firmness level for you
  • The foam has a pretty similar slower-moving feel
  • The cover is infused with gel to keep the sleeping surface cooler
  • A Queen is only $899


Novosbed has a cool feature called comfort+, which is a way to just about guarantee you will eventually get the right firmness level for you.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • The company has a perfect firmness guarantee, making sure you will get the right firmness level for you
  • The foams used in the mattress are high-density / durable
  • Additional measures have been taken to make sure the mattress is breathable
  • There is a 120 night sleep trial, which allows more than enough time to know if you like the mattress
  • $999 for a Queen

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf comes from the Saatva company, which is well known for its customer service and high-quality products.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • Uses a 5 lb. density memory foam
  • Has a similar slow-moving feel to it
  • There are several measures taken in the construction to keep the mattress cool
  • A portion of the foams are plant-based
  • 120 day sleep trial
  • $1,099 for a Queen

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Addable aims to provide the highest value in the industry by not spending any money on marketing and overhead.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • Uses a 4 lb. density memory foam
  • Uses gel memory foam to keep the mattress cooler
  • The company spends almost no money on marketing, so it is able to price a Queen at $499, which is about as good a value as you can find


Sapira comes from Leesa and aims to provide a luxury memory foam / springs hybrid that is the best of both worlds.

Main Features / How It Compares

  • This is a hybrid mattress that compares best to the Flex collection mattresses
  • Combines springs with memory foam and performance foam
  • Has a very responsive feel to it
  • Uses all highly durable materials

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Summary / Overall Thoughts

I think all those choices are good picks that you will probably like if you are taking a look at certain Tempur-Pedic models (see our overall Tempur-Pedic review too).  There are definitely other good ones out there as well, but I wanted to keep this list of alternatives short.

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