Purple Mattress Protector Review

Purple’s mattress protector is one of a kind. The stretchy waterproof material will help to spare your mattress from damage without a doubt. But is it comfortable? Read on for my full review.’

Key Features

  • Liquid-absorbent layer: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
  • Protective waterproof coating: 100% TPU Polyurethane
  • Comes in sizes Twin – Cal King (with Twin XL and Full XL)
  • Quiet material to reduce instances of crinkling underneath sheets
  • Water-resistant and water-absorbent (absorbs liquid, but never lets it leak through)
  • Will work on any mattress up to 13” tall
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Basic Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • There is no trial or return policy for the Purple™ Mattress Protector
  • The Purple™ Mattress Protector is five-sided, so it will protect from most unwanted microscopic visitors. It hugs your bed like a top sheet with an open bottom. It is not bedbug-proof

Purple Mattress Protector Review


  • Thin but more comfortable than terry cloth mattress protectors
  • Easy to get on and off your bed
  • Easy to wash/dry
  • Unique and stretchy material
  • Breathable
  • No chemical smell
  • Sturdy elastic keeps protector securely on your mattress


  • Not bed bug proof
  • May not fit mattresses more than 13-inches deep
  • Popular – some sizes sold out
  • Less affordable than other thin protectors
  • Some customers experienced leaks
  • Material may feel too much like plastic to some
  • May have extra material on mattress thinner than 13-inches which can cause shifting and noise

Purple Mattress Protector Review

Care and Warranty

As I say with all of my mattress protector reviews, make sure you follow the care instructions carefully for your specific protector.

The instructions are simple for this protector – machine wash cold and low tumble dry. I had no issues with durability or shrinking when I washed and dried my protector.

Purple Mattress Protector Review

If you dry your mattress protector (at least the waterproof ones) on a heat that’s too high, it can potentially damage the waterproof membrane of the protector. This will allow leaks and spills to get through your protector and onto your mattress – violating the mattress warranty.

There are no trials or return policy with the Purple mattress protector. They say this is “due to the nature of the product” but I’m not really sure what that means since plenty of other mattress protector brands offer returns if customers aren’t satisfied.

They do offer a 1-Year Warranty on their mattress protector. You can read more about the warranty on their website here.

The Waterproof Test

Purple is in the mattress industry (see our review of the Purple mattress here). They know that you can spare your mattress from warranty violations caused by liquid/water damage by adding a protector.
The protector is the same material on all five sides, which means it can protect your mattress from spills on the surface and down the sides.

Purple Mattress Protector Review

Purple says their protector is water-resistant and water-absorbent.

I put their claims to the test by pouring 10ozs of water into a concentrated area on the protector. I want to mimic a large spill or accident (I do this with all my waterproof mattress protector reviews).

The water did immediately pool into a spot on the bed but eventually, it was absorbed into the layers of the protector.

I left the water there for about two hours (something that could happen if there is an accident in your bed overnight). I had no issues with leaks, dampness or moisture underneath my protector. It passed my waterproof test!

Additional Considerations

Size & Noise: The Purple mattress protector comes in sizes that range from Twin to Cal King (including Twin XL and Full XL).

Purple says that their protector is designed to “compliment” their mattresses but they should fit any mattress up to 13-inches thick.

I sleep on a 10-inch thick Casper mattress (see the review of the Casper mattress, here). The protector went on very easily and stayed secure with the strong elastic.

I did have some extra material because my mattress is not as thick as the Purple mattresses. This caused some creasing/shifting at night and additional crinkling sound.

Purple Mattress Protector Review

I did not notice the protector underneath my Cariloha Resort bamboo sheets (read my review of the bamboo sheets, here) but my husband commented that he thought the protector felt like “plastic.” He normally doesn’t notice protectors underneath his sheets so I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Breathability: The Purple mattress protector is a unique material – stretchy and soft not like a terry cloth or cotton quilt. It is made of polyester and a little bit of spandex.

I had no issue with breathability. There was a customer on Amazon who did not care for the protector and mentioned breathability issues.


(Side note: this person also references a monthly trial period but I’m not aware of such a trial with the Purple Mattress Protector).

Leaks: I had no issue with leaks or moisture seeping into my mattress from the protector. However, a customer who purchased the protector on Amazon did have an issue so I thought it’d be fair to include their review.


I’m always inclined to suggest that people do their own mattress protector waterproof tests before committing.

Especially if you have frequent accidents or spills (or someone else in your family does). Potentially ruining a mattress with water or fluids can be an expensive mistake.

Purple Mattress Protector



Overall the Purple Mattress Protector is hypoallergenic, waterproof and has a unique stretchy feel. It is the best fit for Purple mattresses and will most likely fit 13-inch mattresses the best. Thinner mattresses may cause there to be extra material that can generate noise and shifting.

Overall Fit4




Ease of Care4.6

Price (Value)4.2



Price and Value

The Purple mattress protector is slightly more expensive than other thin mattress protectors I’ve reviewed. A Queen size protector is currently sold for $59 (from $79) on Purple’s website. At the time of this review, the Queen size was out of stock.

You can also purchase them on Amazon but I only saw them available in Twin and Full sizes.

Purple Mattress Protector Review

I think there was just a little too much extra material for my 10-inch Casper mattress. This left some creasing and shifting that was pretty noticeable for me and my husband under our sheets.

If I had a thicker mattress and wanted a thin protector I would be more inclined to consider this one from Purple.

I feel like those who are already sleeping on a Purple mattress would enjoy this protector. It is stretchy and probably fits their mattresses perfectly.

The protector may also be a good fit for those who are looking for a thin, waterproof protector but don’t’ want one with a terry cloth or cotton surface.

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Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector may be thin but it can keep the surface of your mattress free from damage caused by liquids and spills. How much will it cost you? Read on for the full review.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof (polyurethane backing)
  • Cotton terry surface fabric
  • Vinyl-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protects against dust mites and allergens
  • Waterproof membrane contains microscopic divots for air to flow through
  • Care: machine wash cold to hot water and low tumble dry with other bedding or clothing
  • Can fit mattresses Twin-King size
  • 10-year warranty


  • Easy to care for
  • Ultra-thin
  • Affordable
  • Cotton surface
  • Waterproof
  • Vinyl-free

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review


  • Waterproof backing creates crinkling sound
  • Loose material may cause shifting
  • Some customers reported issues with leaks
  • Some customers reported issues with breathability

Care Instructions and Warranty

It is always important to follow the care instruction on your mattress protector. If you fail to follow it correctly it could void your mattress protector warranty.

Care instructions are especially important when it comes to drying your protector. Most mattress protectors – especially ones that are waterproof – suggest you dry your protector on a low or medium tumble dry.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

Drying protectors on too high of a heat can damage the waterproof membrane on mattress protectors. This could allow your protector to underperform and potentially allow water or fluid to get to your mattress and void your mattress warranty.

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress protector comes with a 10-year warranty. The details of the warranty are printed on the inside lining of the protector’s packaging.

Waterproof Test

The Hanna Kay mattress protector is 100% waterproof on the surface. Waterproof properties on mattress protectors are definitely worth having. Often, water or liquid stains and damage will make your mattress warranty invalid.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

I poured 10 oz of water into the center of the Hanna Kay mattress protector. I waited two hours and lifted up the protector to feel underneath for any moisture or dampness.

I felt no moisture, dampness or any leaks from the protector. It passed my waterproof test!

Vinyl Free

There has been a lot of attention around the toxicity of plastics, including PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride or vinyl).

Products that contain vinyl or PVC – like mattress protectors and curtains – can release toxins into the air (often called off-gassing) that have negative health effects. This is especially concerning for babies or small children whose bodies are still developing.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

It is best to avoid using products made of PVC or Vinyl – especially if you have little ones.

This protector uses a synthetic resin (plastic material) called Polyurethane as the waterproof barrier. Other vinyl-free mattress protectors include Luna, SafeRest, SureGuard and Linenspa.

Additional Considerations

Size and Noise: The protector comes in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It fit my 10-inch thick mattress but had a little extra room.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

There was no information about the depth restrictions for the protector but I think it could at least fit a 16-inch thick mattress or thicker. Because my mattress is 10-inches thick I had a little extra material. This generated some shifting and crinkling under my bed sheets.

Breathability: Hanna Kay uses terry cloth and polyurethane to keep the protector waterproof and comfortable. They say it allows for breathability.

I had no issue with feeling hot or cold at night but other customers did. I wanted to share one review.

Leaks: While the protector passed my waterproof test and I had no issues with leaks, others did.

If you are considering this protector because you absolutely need something waterproof and have frequent spills or accidents, I would personally suggest doing your own waterproof test after washing and drying your mattress protector.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review



The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector is a simple and straightforward waterproof mattress protector. It fits like a fitted sheet and is machine washable and dryer friendly. It is affordable but is also ultra thin and may not be the best fit for those who want ultimate waterproof or allergy protection.

Overall Fit4.1




Ease of Care4.5

Price (Value)4.7




There’s no doubt that the Hanna Kay premium mattress protector is affordable. A Queen sized protector costs around $22. A Twin size costs under $20.

The price makes it an easy option for anyone who wants to cover the surface of their mattress and prevent general water damage and allergens.

The protector is very thin and does not have a high-quality feel that other protectors do (like the Casper or Slumber Cloud Dry Line Protector).

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a simple and affordable waterproof fitted mattress protector, the Hanna Kay protector could be the right fit for you.

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4 Best Soft Mattresses- Which Should You Get?

Some people just like a softer mattress, whether it’s because they sleep on their side or because they just have a personal preference.  If you want a soft mattress, just because you think a mattress has the right softness doesn’t mean it’s going to be a perfect fit for you.  In this article, I’ll try go through who might be a good fit for a softer mattress and then lay out a few mattresses that could be a good match.

4 Picks For Best Soft Mattress

There are a lot of contenders, but I wanted to keep this list short.  Here are some options that I think could potentially be a good match for you.

2 Firmness Levels In One: Layla

Online Memory Foam: Amerisleep Colonial

Customizable: Helix

Luxury Memory Foam: Tempur-Cloud Elite

Top Picks Compared


I like the Layla because it uses good quality foams and it is flippable, meaning it has two firmness levels in one (see more on that HERE).  That gives you two chances to get the right firmness level for you.  The soft side of the mattress is definitely softer than average and is a great option for side sleepers.

The fact that it is copper-infused is a potential benefit as well, although I would recommend doing your own research to see if you agree with the validity of the claims made there.

Check out our full Layla mattress review

Amerisleep Colonial

Amerisleep has a line of memory foam mattresses all with different firmness levels.  The Colonial is the second softest model that they have.  It has a lot of extra features that keep the mattress sleeping cool that are very impressive (learn more HERE).

The foam is more responsive than traditional memory foam, so while it is a soft mattress, you’ll never feel you get stuck.  All in all, it’s a great option for those looking for a soft mattress with a memory foam feel.

Check out our full Amerisleep Colonial review


Helix gives you the opportunity to fully customize your mattress based on your weight and other characteristics, as well as personal preferences.  You can have the mattress be customized to whatever softness that you like (learn more HERE).

That extra customization is an intriguing option that is unique in the industry.  While some companies have multiple models with different firmnesses, Helix allows you to find something unique to your exact characteristics and preferences.

Check out our full Helix review

Tempur-Cloud Elite

If you are looking for a really plush feel, then the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Elite might be a great match.  It’s the second softest mattress available at the company.  I recommend this over the Cloud Luxe because the firmness level is almost the same, but the Cloud Elite is a little more affordable.  If you have the budget for this mattress and want something extra soft, then this could be a cool option for you.

See our full Cloud Elite review

Who’s A Good Fit For A Soft Mattress

  • Side Sleepers– SIde sleepers need a softer mattress to relieve the pressure on their shoulders and hips.  If you sleep on your side and have a firm mattress, you won’t get as much deep, restful sleep because you will toss and turn frequently throughout the night.
  • Lighter Weight People– Firmness is a subjective measure.  One person might think a mattress is firm, while another person might think the same mattress isn’t that firm.  However, on the whole people who don’t weigh very much will tend to think a mattress is firmer than those who weigh more.  For this reason, typically lighter weight people will want to get a softer mattress to make up for this fact.

Two Notes Of Caution

  • Firmness Is Subjective– I’ve seen people argue about the firmness level of a mattress more times than I care to admit.  Someone might think something is soft, while another person thinks the same mattress is firm.  Keep in mind that another person’s idea of a “soft” mattress may be different from you.
  • Don’t Ignore Other Aspects Of The Mattress– Don’t just assume that if a mattress is soft, it’s going to be a good fit for you.  You’ll still want to make sure that the mattress has good, durable foams, that it won’t sleep hot, etc.  Once you’ve made sure you like the softness of a mattress, do the extra research to make sure that the other aspects of the mattress are a good fit for you too.


Hopefully what I’ve written makes sense, and you’re well on your way to finding a great soft mattress for you.

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Casper Mattress Protector Review

The Casper mattress protector is the first protector I’ve reviewed that looks and feels like a mattress pad and mattress protector hybrid. It has a quilted feel that is luxurious but provides the same level of protection that a protector would. I used it on my Casper mattress, but it fits other mattress types as well. Read on for my full review.

Key Features

  • Knit Top: Polyester and Spandex
  • Skirting: Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex
  • Polyethylene – used in waterproof layer of protector
  • Engineered with the same waterproof material used in premium outdoor gear
  • 100% waterproof
  • Quilted material keeps noise levels low and adds comfort
  • Fits any mattress up to 16” deep with elastic skirting and a 360-degree grip
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Care: machine wash on warm and tumble dry low. Do not dry clean. Heat drying could cause delamination and shrinkage.

Casper Mattress Protector Review


  • Thick material gives luxurious feel
  • Easy to take on/off the mattress
  • Soft quilted top
  • Machine washable and dryer-friendly
  • Perfect fit on mattress – no extra movement
  • Virtually noiseless

Casper Mattress Protector Review


  • Not an encasement mattress protector
  • Pricey
  • Newer to market – less widely reviewed

Casper Mattress Protector Review

Waterproof Test

Adding a waterproof protector to your mattress helps protect the longevity of your mattress and your mattress warranty. Fluid/water damage or spills can void your mattress warranty and leave it susceptible to mold and other issues.

One of the nice things about the Casper mattress protector is that it has a thin layer of Polyethylene (PE) sandwiched between polyester knit so it doesn’t have a rough feel or make squeaky or noisy sounds.

To test the waterproof properties of the protector, I poured 10 ozs of water into a concentrated area of the mattress protector to mimic a spill or accident. I left the water there to be absorbed for a couple of hours.

Casper Mattress Protector Review

When I came back and ran my hand underneath the protector, I felt no moisture, dampness or any leaks. The protector passed my waterproof test!

Additional Considerations

Size: I use a Casper mattress, so the protector fit snugly around my bed. But if you use a different mattress and find that it is not the perfect fit, Casper encourages you to wash and dry the protector:

The great thing about that skirting material: it might appear larger right out of the package, but it’ll shrink to fit perfectly on the bed once it’s on. The sides are fully intended to be tucked into the foundation or frame if necessary. If you are finding it to still be on the bigger side, give it a quick wash and it should be fine!

Breathability: Since this mattress protector has more of a mattress pad-type feel than others I have reviewed, I was curious about how it would breathe with both a quilted layer and a waterproof layer built into one product.

Casper says that the protector has three layers: two knit with a waterproof layer (PE) in between.

They say: In the protector, the protective film is sandwiched by a polyester knit fabric — the same material used in premium athletic wear to keep people cool. It has an integrated spacer layer, so air flows through it easily to keep things nice and breezy.

I had no issue with breathability when I used this protector. I enjoyed the soft feel under my sheets.

Casper Mattress Protector Review

Noise: With many waterproof mattress protectors, the waterproof barrier can sometimes create a noise or rustle underneath your sheets.

The polyester knit fabric that sandwiches the waterproof film in the protector helps keep the noise to a minimum. The unique skirting material hugs the sides of the mattress and helps avoid shifting, which can make noise as well.

Casper Mattress Protector



Overall I thought the Casper mattress protector was comfortable and functional. It is waterproof but also has a thick knit polyester layer that gives it extra comfort and it fits snugly on my mattress. It is a little expensive but well worth it for a mattress pad/mattress protector hybrid.

Overall Fit4.7




Ease of Care4.7

Price (Value)4.5



Price and Value

The Casper mattress protector ranges from $75 for a Twin/Twin XL to $95 for a King. Queen mattress protectors are $85.

There are certainly simpler less expensive protectors on the market. Protectors like the ones from Luna, Linenspa and Malouf.

There are also specialized protectors, like the Slumber Cloud’s Dry Line  and the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip that offer enhanced protection which can add to the price.

If you own a Casper mattress or are interested in protecting your mattress by adding a thicker/softer layer, I would definitely consider the Casper mattress protector.

Because this protector offers comfort, breathability and waterproof protection I think it’s worth the value.

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Helix Vs Amerisleep- Who’s Right For You?

Helix and Amerisleep are two popular companies that have seen great success selling their mattresses online.  As the two have grown in popularity, people are wondering how they compare to one another.  I’ll go over the main differences here to try to help you make a more informed decision.

Key Similarities

  • Both sell online-only to offer a great price
  • Both have good trial periods and return policies
  • Both have great customer service
  • Both companies believe there is no one best mattress for everyone
  • Both are good options for couples

Key Differences

  • Helix has one mattress with a large number of customization options that will make each version different from one person to the next; Amerisleep has a line of 5 mattresses catered to different firmness levels
  • Amerisleep mattresses have a distinct memory foam feel; Helix does not have any memory foam in it and has a different feel depending on the results of your customization test
  • Helix has more bounce/response than the Amerisleep mattresses do

Construction/Feel Differences

The construction of the Helix depends on the answers to your customization test.  However, the components used in their mattress are different from the Amerisleep mattresses.  They use a specialty dynamic foam, which has pressure relief but is much faster to respond than memory foam.  They also use microcoils.

Amerisleep uses memory foam in its comfort layer.  As a result, Amerisleep provides a nice slower-moving memory foam feel, while Helix generally gives you a more responsive feel (no matter what the answers to your customization test are).  You can see an example of the Amerisleep feel below.

You Might Want To Pick Helix If:

  • You Feel You Need Full Customization– Amerisleep has a line of mattresses with different firmness levels, but Helix can provide full customization of its mattress.
  • You Want A More Responsive Mattress– No matter the results of your customization test, the foams used in the Helix are faster-moving than in the Amerisleep mattresses.
  • You Sleep With A Partner WIth Different Preferences– The ability to split your mattress is pretty cool and allows you to have one side of the mattress be one way and the other side of the mattress be another way.

Read our full Helix review

You Might Want To Pick Amerisleep If:

  • You Want A Slower-Moving Memory Foam Feel– The foam used in the Amerisleep mattresses is slower-moving than the foam used in the Helix.  If you want that slower-moving feel, then Amerisleep is the way to go.
  • You Want A Few More Bells And Whistles– Amerisleep has a few more bells and whistles in its construction, like the celliant cover, for example.  If you want a little extra luxury, then you should take a look at Amerisleep.

Read our full Amerisleep review

Why Are Both Companies Good For Couples?

Helix is good for couples because it allows you to customize two sides of the mattress.  That means each partner can have their side customized to their needs.

Amerisleep is good for couples because it does a great job at isolating motion.  That means when one person shifts around in the bed, the other person won’t really feel it.


Both companies are great options, especially if you don’t believe that there is one best mattress for everyone.  The differences are pretty clear, so take a look at what I’ve written and you should be able to make a good choice.

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4 Best Mattresses For Heavy People

Heavier people have different needs when it comes to their mattress.  A mattress that is a good fit for lighter weight people won’t necessarily work well for someone who is heavier.  There are a few things you should look out for if you fit into this category, and if you keep these things in mind you’ll have a good chance of finding a good pick for you.

4 Best Mattresses For Heavy People

There are certainly a lot of mattresses that are good fits for people of a heavier size, but I wanted to keep this list small and it’s limited to ones I’ve had experience with.

Luxury Hybrid: Sapira

Natural Latex: Avocado

Luxury Memory Foam: Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe

Budget: Ghostbed

Top Picks Compared


Sapira is a good fit for heavy people for a few reasons.  All of the foams used in the mattress are high density, meaning they will be durable even for heavy people.  The coil system is highly supportive as well.  The mattress is 11 inches thick and there are 4 inches of foam before you hit the spring support system (see more on the construction HERE).  This means you likely won’t “bottom out.”  The mattress is firmer than average as well, which is generally a good thing for heavier people.

See our full Sapira review.


With the optional pillow top, the Avocado can be up to 13 inches thick (see more details).  It is definitely firmer than average and has a 4 inch comfort layer.  The pocketed coil support system has a high coil count and is very supportive.  Coil count can be deceiving, but in this case it is a pretty good indicator that the system is highly supportive, even for people who weigh more.

The natural latex used in the comfort layer is a very durable material, making the mattress long-lasting even for heavier people.

Check out our Avocado review for more information.

Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe

This Tempur-Pedic model is good for heavier people for a number of reasons.  The mattress overall is 13.5” thick.  While the company doesn’t disclose the thickness of each individual layer, you can tell pretty easily that the comfort layer is fairly thick as well.

The mattress is very heavy, so we can intuit that the foams are of high density.  The mattress is medium firm to firm, so it’s right in the sweet spot for most heavy people.

See our full Rhapsody Luxe review for more details.


The Ghostbed overall is 11 inches thick.  The comfort layer is 3.5 inches thick and overall I think the mattress is firmer than average.  The mattress has high-density foams throughout its construction as well.

All in all, it’s a good option for those heavier sleepers who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for their next mattress (see more at their site).

Check out our full Ghostbed review for more info.

What Should Heavy People Look For

  • Higher Density Foams / More Coils– If you are looking at a foam mattress, make sure the density of the foams used in the mattress are higher in range.  That will make sure they can be fully supportive and durable.  If you are looking at an innerspring mattress, while coil count can be misleading, generally you will want to find a mattress with more coils in its support system.
  • Thicker Comfort Layer– Heavier people put more pressure on the top part of the mattress.  They therefore need a thicker comfort layer so that they don’t push through the comfort layer and hit the support layer, causing pressure points.
  • Thicker Overall Mattress– Typically, a thicker overall mattress is better as well.  The more support material the better.
  • Something Firmer– Heavier people tend to perceive mattresses as softer than lighter weight people do.  That generally means they would do better with a more firm mattress.

These are general rules of thumb to go by, but they aren’t necessarily 100% true for every heavy person.


Hopefully everything I’ve laid out makes some sense.  If you follow this advice, you should be well on your way to picking a great mattress.

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